1984 New Hampshire, with<br>Dann Doremus & George Gardos1986 New Hampshire<br>Pete, James, Thayer and Toby1986 New Hampshire<br>Pete Pineault1986 New Hampshire<br>Thayer Phipps and Toby1987 New Hampshire, with<br>Pete Pineault & Rob Bridges
1988 New Hampshire<br>Rob, James, Toby and Pete1988 New Hampshire, with<br>Pete Pineault & Dann Doremus1988 New Hampshire<br>Pete, Toby, James and Dann1988 New Hampshire<br>Toby, Pete, James and Dann1988 New Hampshire<br>Toby, Pete, James and Dann
1988 New Hampshire<br>Pete, James, Dann and Toby1988 New Hampshire<br>Dann, James, Toby and Pete1989 New Hampshire<br>White Horse Inn<br>James, Dann, Toby and Pete1992 Los Angeles<br>w/Ed Mottau & Ron Wheelan1992 Los Angeles
1992 Los Angeles1993 Los Angeles<br>1993 Los Angeles<br>Miranda Street, NoHo<br>w/Ed & Johnny Punches1994 Los Angeles<br>Satnam on Miranda Street1995 Los Angeles in 3D!<br>w/Jai Dillon & Satnam Ramgotra
1996 Los Angeles1996 Los Angeles<br>Final Lineup<br>Toby, Satnam, Jai and James